Reef Development PlanAlabama’s Artificial Reef Plan: A proposal for engineered reef deployment and marine resource management.

Alabama is uniquely positioned to enhance the inshore, nearshore and offshore components of its existing reef network. A timely investment in this proven resource is a wise investment in the long-term ecological health and economic well-being of Alabama’s Gulf Coast. This plan proposes to establish bridges between the various habitat sites, thereby connecting habitats suitable for the early to adult life stages through the following components:

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  • Inshore Reef Enhancement Plan
  • Nearshore Reef Enhancement Plan
  • Offshore Reef Enhancement Plan
artifical reef

Inshore reefs provide important habitat for oysters and numerous types of fish throughout their life cycle. Reefs in the waters of Mobile Bay, Weeks Bay, Pelican Bay, Point Clear, Alabama’s estuary system and the Mississippi Sound are included. Inshore reef enhancements will focus on:

  • Deploying additional reefs to provide a refuge for juvenile fish
  • Enhancing existing reef construction which have deteriorated
  • Scientific research and monitoring
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