Enhancing Marine Life in the GulfPositively Impacting Alabama’s Economy

Alabama’s Artificial Reef Plan, a proposal for engineered reef deployment and marine resource management, proposes enhancing the state’s existing artificial reef network in order to ensure Alabama's Gulf waters remain productive and ecologically sound for years to come. Investment in this proven system will allow for better management of our fishery by engineering enhancements to the inshore, nearshore, and offshore reef sites that will provide desired habitat for a broad spectrum of fish and other marine species as they migrate throughout their life cycle. These enhancements will also increase usability of the reef system for recreational fishermen, commercial fishermen, divers, the science community, the state, and local municipalities. The combined impact of these user groups will have a positive economic ripple effect for an untold number of supportive industries through increased tourism and commercial opportunities.
Click here for a quick fact sheet about Alabama’s Artificial Reef Plan.