Ecological ImpactCreating a Natural Balance. Establishing a Lasting Legacy.

Alabama’s expansive artificial reef system has been scientifically proven to benefit the overall health of the northern Gulf of Mexico. Inshore reefs provide both immediate and long-term habitats benefitting the wide variety of fish and crustaceans that thrive in our estuaries. Research conducted through monitoring and tagging efforts has shown that when offshore reefs become overpopulated, fish, such as red snapper, will respond by migrating to neighboring coastal waters in search of additional habitats. This plan commits to rebuild and maintain the amount of underwater infrastructure required to preserve and enhance our marine resources for future generations, while allowing for the continuation of world-class fishing opportunities and strengthening Alabama’s coastal economies.

  • Scientific and technological advancements now allow for new and enhanced reef construction from longer lasting state of the art materials.
  • Connectivity created between reef complexes provides habitat transitions from Alabama’s estuarine waters to the outer continental shelf.
  • As reefs meet their carrying capacity, fish migrate to neighboring coastal waters enhancing the entire northern Gulf.
  • Fishery management goals established by the state are attainable through proper enhancement of well-planned artificial reef zones.
  • Engineering a healthy marine ecosystem will support numerous fish species at all stages of their life cycle