Economic ImpactThank an Angler.

Fishing is one of America’s most enduring pastimes; fun for all ages and a way for families to spend time together outdoors. It’s the foundation of an industry that supports thousands of Alabama jobs involved in recreational sport fishing such as hotels, tackle retailers, charter rentals, restaurants, attractions and more. Alabama residents and visitors alike spend millions in our state annually, helping create and support thousands of jobs along the Gulf Coast when many industries are still coping with a challenging economic climate. The dollars brought in through recreational fishing helps to support Alabama’s entire Northern Gulf Coast economy.

  • In Alabama, every saltwater fishing excursion results in an average expenditure of $1,606.32 per angler.
  • Fishing boosts the economy from food and lodging, licenses/fees, equipment, clothing, fuel, transportation & entertainment expenses each trip.
  • Recreational saltwater fishing results in an average $13.5 million sales per year impact to Alabama.
  • Recreational fishing supports 2,500 jobs in south Alabama.
  • Alabama lands 34% of all recreationally caught Red Snapper in the Gulf.